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Martha Dawson, MA
Holistic Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner
Photo Taken: Spring 2012 in my Backyard

Holistic Life Coaching-

Dynamic & Motivational Support for Growth and Success 

Life Coaching is about You. It is about Personal Growth in All Areas of Your Life!  What would it be like to have:

…….More meaningful relationships ?

…….Increased energy and focus to do the things that are really important to you?

…….Clarity about the root cause of some of your setbacks and the tools to overcome these issues?

……..A life that is purposeful & pleasurable.

As a Holistic Coach my passion is helping you succeed and begin living your best life. This passion comes from own life my experiences which caused me to do deep soul-searching so that I could heal myself. What I have learned is that there is meaning to our lives beyond what we see. I have also learned to appreciate the gift of learning the hard life lessons. Sharing with others so that they may experience all that life is constantly teaching us and to move forward in their lives is what my work is all about.

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