What is Coaching?

Life Coaching is About You

The Goal of the Professional Coach

is always to get involved with the client to the degree that they are able to understand the client’s goals, their limitations and positive attributes as a means of assisting their clients in achieving his or her personal goals. Published Author, Tonja Weimer, explains it well when she states: Generally speaking, if you feel “stuck” in the same place, keep trying the same things over and over, and cannot reach the goals you struggle to achieve, you are probably a good candidate. Coaching is designed expressly to give you more of what you want: deeper love, greater happiness, increased wealth, stronger health, and much more meaning to your life”.

We all have talents, experiences, knowledge skills, and innate gifts that we are born with or have developed throughout our lives. Working with a professional coach will help you tap into your reservoir and pull out those things which can help you do whatever it is your were meant to do. A coach is committed to your success and uses technique and proven strategy so that you can meet your target goals faster and with greater proficiency.

What Coaching is Not.

  1. Coaching is not therapy or counseling. A therapist or counselor may work on similar goals but their are several differences.
  2. Coaches work with clients who are mentally healthy
  3. Coaches do not spend a considerable amount of time working through past issues. Sessions are focussed on meeting client’s where they are and getting them where they want to be.
  4. Coaches do not set goals for the clients. Clients enter the coaching relationship with knowledge about the goals they would like to achieve. Perhaps they want to start a new business, write a novel, end a relationship, become more social ; the relationship is client focused in that the client determines his or her own goals. In the process the client may decide to pursue a goal that is different from what was originally discussed. That too is acceptable. The client is the driver and the coach is the GPS system getting you to your destination.

As an holistic coach, my practice focusses on personal development and success building from a holistic perspective. Some of the issues we may work on are becoming more assertive, managing emotions, making sense of death, or finding out what your life’s work is supposed to be. The list of issues are as diverse as humanity itself; as we each have different goals to achieve and dreams to pursue. As your life coach, it is my job to help get you to where you want to be by figuring out where you are, if and why you may be stuck and plotting the means to help you reach your target. When working with my clients I use my training and professional experience in the fields of psychology and education in conjunction with intuition to set a course of action “Personal Development Plan” that will get you on the golden path to success. I do not consider myself a psychic as the word intuitive may mean to some people. My intuition comes from the work I have done both professionally and causually with a diverse population as well, as insight and wisdom received through my personal life journey. My approach is collaborative and co-creative – meaning we work together every step of the way- drawing from the wisdom and guidance of both you and I.

Coaching Q&A

What type of clients does Wellness Consultant attract?

Women and men who having come to a cross roads desiring a life that is both rewarding and pleasurable. Their presenting problems ranged from the needing to become more assertive to managing life after the death of a loved one. Common to all of the people I have served is that each was seeking a better life.

Can you work with any client regardless of situation or other personal characteristics?

Some would say Yes, but for me the answer is “No”. For a successful coaching relationship their needs to be a connection between coach and coach. There needs to be a level of comfortability and fluid exchange between both bodies as this is a creative as well a technical process. During the first session it is usually determined whether or not we are a good match. If we are, Great, we move forward. If we are not, I may offer a referral to another coach who could better support your growth.

How are sessions conducted?

Ususally telephone sessions are held at a predetermined time and date allowing less stress and more comfort in by not dealing with meetings, traffic and all that comes along with meeting at a mutual location. If however, you prefer face-to-face meetings it may be arranged.

How do I make you my coach?

Email yourcoachtoday@gmail.com or call 404-590-1093 and we can set a time to discuss how I may support your process of Change, Grow, & Prosper.

The First Session is Complimentary.

Hiring a Personal Coach is the best investment that you can make. It can be a very powerful experiences allowing you to reclaim your power and start living your greatest life yet!

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