Using Your 5 Basic Emotions for Success

Using Your 5 Basic Emotions for Success

Nevermind that I found this picture scary and alarming (I’m sensitive) the article is helpful and needed. Joel Brown of Addicted to Success, does a great job telling of the 5 basic emotions and how each can be used to light the path towards success. Hope you enjoy… As humans we all experience the five … Continue reading

The Change of 2012

The Change of 2012

The 2012 predictions of the world ending has been around for quite sometime. The thought shifted into high-gear after the changing from the 90’s to the 2000’s. Do you remember the people rushing to grocery stores to stack up on water, flashlights and just about everything else that could be conjured in their minds about what … Continue reading

Soul Mates

Finding Your Soul Mate I’m someone who believes in soul mates. I am married to my soul mate. One misconception is that when you meet your soul mate that the relationship will be a life of bliss and free of complications and distress. Let me just say really loud, NOT TRUE!. If you happen to … Continue reading

Chakra Meditation Exercise

What I am going to share here is a method that I have used since the late 90’s- 1999 to be exact. It is what I still do up to this day. I hope you can find as much use for it in your life as I have found in mine. If you are interested … Continue reading

Chakra Energy System

That chakra’s are present and work alongside our physical bodies for health and wellness is not a secret. Ancient traditions from all parts of the word recognize the importance of energy sources in maintaining optimal functioning. Take a look at the 7 major chakras charted below. Also listed are a few questions that will help … Continue reading

A Journey Through the Chakras

First ~ Earth: The Root (or Base) Chakra Essential oils: Valor Apply topically to the bottoms of the feet and sacrum. The root (or base) chakra is the first and most important chakra for yoga or any kind of healing work. The key words here are courage, security, safety, grounding, and boundaries. This is the … Continue reading