The Change of 2012

Change is Happening Now

The 2012 predictions of the world ending has been around for quite sometime. The thought shifted into high-gear after the changing from the 90’s to the 2000’s. Do you remember the people rushing to grocery stores to stack up on water, flashlights and just about everything else that could be conjured in their minds about what they might need in case of the inevitable? I laugh now when I think of some people within my own tight circle who stood on the lines and purchased their “in case the world ends” items. Now we have reached 2012. Its the year the Mayan calendar stops dating. Not only the Mayans, but the Egyptian calendar also points towards great changes to occur within and after 2012. In sum, there are natural disasters, government conspiracies and outer world influences which support the belief that the world will undergo an extreme change. I received an email from a respected leader in holistic living and energy. Caroline Arewa Shola entititled the email, A New Consciousness is Rising. Here is a bit of what she said in her email:

  • Unity Consciousness is rising and I am giving thanks.  An acceleration of powerful energy is emerging.
  • As we approach the end of 2012 a pattern is emerging, energy is changing, Unity Consciousness is rising.
  • This is a time of paradigm shift. Time to stop singing the same old tune! This is a massive energetic shift as predicted for 2012. See my book Opening to Spirit, Change is here.
When we look at what she writes along with the predictions mentioned earlier, there is one constant and that is CHANGE. And who in America right now can not identify with the call for change as it has been shouted throughout our country beginning with President Obama during his first campaign. It an idea that he along with majority of Americans championed from then up till now. The thought was further expressed, when we watched our Change President speaking to America on Last Tuesday during his Victory speech. What all of this means and what we are seeing is like Carolina said, a massive energetic shift. The world seems to be in a space of visible evolution where the entire world as we know it will be affected and thereby changed. We are moving from a state of “I” towards a state of “We”. We are  bringing the spiritual and worldview of East to the West and exporting the westward advancements towards the east. In essence we are coming together as creators and members of the human race and in doing so we grasp hold of the next step in the cycle of evolution. So yes the world is ending and all becomes new. I would love to hear from you on my facebook page or email me.



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