How To Show Gratitude.


Taking time to recognize and appreciate the blessings in your life is the backbone to any of the difficulties that you may face. Often when we look at where we are currently as compared to where it is we would like to be, the sharp contrast can be more than enough to send you wanting for more. It is easy to get lost in the space of giving more attention to the areas where we lack. Not having a daily or even a weekly plan of gratitude will undoubtedly cause stress, depression, anxiety and many of the other negative states that prevent your unique greatness from shining through. Let me ask you, How do you show yourself appreciation and appreciation to the source for all of the things that are right in your life? Do you even know how many blessings you have? Here is a short exercise to get you in the motion of expressing gratitude and appreciation in your day to day life.

Step 1:

Consider the domains of holistic living and write each of the following domains on a sheet of paper.
Friends/Social Network
Mental Functioning

Step 2:
Beside each of the categories write two statements showing an appreciation for how you life experience fits within the selected domain.

For example, Intimacy=I am grateful for the ability to honor my mate because in doing so I honor myself Mental Functioning=I am grateful for a clear mind and the ability to comprehend messages gathered from my life experience

Step 3:
At the conclusion, reflect on all that you have written. Notice the areas where it was easy to compose 2 statements and the areas where it was most difficult. Afterwards, share you list with someone and invite the other person to do the same exercise.

An ability to live within the scope of positive thinking and gracious appreciation for what is right will provide the cushion that is needed to get through difficult periods in your life.

If you would like support in creating more positives in areas that may currently be difficult or establishing a gratitude ritual contact Coach Martha at or call 404-590-1093.


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