Manage Your Time for Personal Success & Happiness

Personal Management Quiz

Are You Using Your Time to Create a Balanced Life Experience?

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Work Life Balance, Got Any?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Answer Each with a Yes  or No Response

1.  Do you find it effortless to say “NO” to the requests of others?  Y  N
2.  Do you have days or times that are set aside for family?  Y  N
3.  Do you have a way to unwind and relax?  Y  N
4.  Do you have a written plan for personal and professional growth?  Y  N
5.  Do you feel at the end of most days that you have maximized your time and energy well?  Y  N
6.  Do you go about your day in “Now Mode” without worrying about future events?  Y  N
7.  Do you always complete your assignments when they are due?  Y  N
8.  Do you feel overwhelmed with too many responsibilities?  Y  N
9.  Do you spend most of your time on the things that matter the most?  Y  N
10. Do you have a general time to wake up and go to sleep each day?  Y  N
11. Do you complete your workload during normal business hours?  Y  N
12. Do you handle assignments on time without procrastinating?  Y  N
13. Do you feel that you squeeze the most value from each minute that you have?  Y  N
14. Do you enjoy having time alone?  Y  N
15. Do you feel that you have enough time to spend with family and friends?  Y  N
16. Do you wake in the mornings feeling rested and ready to greet the new day?  Y  N
17. Do you delegating tasks to others without difficulty?  Y  N
18. Do you keep your personal and business spaces organized?  Y  N
19. Do you have times during the day that are off limit for emails, phone calls and other outward disturbances?  Y  N
20. Do you need sleep aids in order to get a good nights rest?  Y  N

Score Card

YES = 1 Point, NO = 0 Points

17.—20 All is well, You do a great job balancing it all

14.—16 You manage your time well, but there’s some areas where you can improve

11.—13 You need some personal management training to maximize your time and improve your life

0.—10 All isn’t well and you know it, Consider personal management training as a coaching goal


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