Manifest Your Dreams

Four Factors of Consciously Creating Your Ideal Reality

By: Harold Ludwig

Consciously manifesting the things that you want into your life can be a big learning curve for people that are new to the law of attraction. There are four major factors that when combined can put you into the manifesting fast lane. If these four factors are all catered to, then you will be able to attract the life of your dreams easily and quickly.

The Four Factors Are:

Tending to negative and limiting subconscious beliefs

Focusing your thoughts on a desired outcome

Monitoring your emotional state

Taking inspired action when the opportunity arises

So lets look at these four factors in more detail…

Factor one – Tending to negative and limiting Subconscious Beliefs

Your belief system began formation during your childhood years. Your environment, experiences and interactions as a child shaped and developed your belief system according to the belief systems of the people who influenced you, and in turn, those who influenced you, developed their belief systems from the people who influenced them. In much the same way as a computer is programmed, and will only perform according to it’s programming, us humans, will also only be able to perform according to our specific programming, and this programming is our inherited belief system.The Law of Attraction System

Tending to any negative beliefs that are stored within your subconscious mind is without a doubt the first step in manifesting your desired life. All the other factors involved will be rendered useless if you are still holding onto limiting ideas and beliefs on a subconscious level.

There are different methods that can be used to wash away negative subconscious beliefs and replace them with positive ones. There are high quality programs like the LOA System which use a mixture of methods to communicate with you on a subconscious level and gently replace limiting beliefs. You can also practise saying affirmations and using visualizations on a very regular basis. Affirmations and visualisations are a conscious level exercise and will certainly work in the long term provided that you do them as often as you can. It is the repetition of these exercises that will allow your statements and mental images to slowly filter through into your subconscious mind. Remember, repetition is the key to imprinting new ideas and beliefs into your subconscious.

Factor two – Focusing your thoughts on a desired outcome

If you are a Law of Attraction advocate then you know that focusing your thoughts on a desired outcome is an absolute no brainer. We know that like attracts like, and therefore the ability to focus your attention on the things that you want to attract into your life is absolutely elemental.

This is no abracadabra theory. The energy that your thoughts produce can actually be measured with modern scientific devices. Your thoughts transmit your desires to the universe, and the universe will answer whether your thoughts are positive or negative, which brings us to factor three.

Factor three – Monitoring your emotional state

The father of the law of attraction is the law of vibration, which states that everything in the universe is energy and vibrates at certain frequencies. The secondary law, the law of attraction states that energy vibrations are attracted and drawn to other energy vibrations of the same frequency. Your feelings are the mechanism that transmit your specific vibrational frequency into the universe, the universe then matches up your vibrational frequency with a similar frequency and sends you a direct and precise match.

If you are feeling negative or bad feelings, then you will be sending out negative or low frequency vibrations into the universe and will in turn attract negative manifestations into your reality. Of course, if you are emitting positive and joyful emotions, in return you will receive positive and joyful manifestations, provided your thoughts are focused on that which you wish to manifest. But lets face it, its pretty hard to be thinking negative thoughts whilst feeling good, so the two go hand in hand.

When you are feeling negative emotions, your aim is to start thinking positive thoughts that will bring you into a higher vibrational frequency. You can do this by listening to your favorite music or indulging in a daydream or visualization session that makes you feel good, or by literally doing anything that makes you feel good and thus raises your vibrational frequency.

Factor four – Taking inspired action when the opportunity arises

Taking inspired action is absolutely essential to being a successful creator in your life. You can do all the visualizations and affirmations in the world, you can monitor your feelings and you can make sure that you are in a high vibrational frequency as often as possible, but if you do not recognise when you are presented with the opportunity to take inspired action, it will all have most likely been in vain.

Inspired action is done from a place of mental clarity. When the opportunity arises, it should feel natural and as though you are clearly moving towards the things that you want in your life. Sometimes there can be a slight feeling of what you might conceive as fear, but rest assured that 99% of the time, this little feeling is simply the result of you being in a place that you are unfamiliar with. This kind of takes us back to factor one, where limiting subconscious beliefs can sabotage our goals, when you are presented with what you feel is an opportunity that you would like to take, but you perhaps feel a slight fear, this is the time to recognise that it is merely your subconscious mind at work trying to dissuade you from stepping out of your comfort zone. The fact is, if you can push past this limiting feeling which is a result of your subconscious boundaries, then you will find that the experience is very natural for you and the process of acting on the opportunity of inspired action is exhilarating, fun and exiting!

In A Nutshell

By eliminating negative subconscious beliefs you will put an end to the conscious vs subconscious battle that bottle necks your progression towards living your ideal lifestyle…

By focusing your thoughts on your desired outcome you transmit a clear and precise “wish list” into the universe…

By monitoring your emotional state you will limit the negative low vibrational frequencies and increase your positive, high vibrational frequency…

By taking inspired action when the opportunity arises you will be acting upon the bliss of the first three factors and living the life that you desire…

Applying these four factors into your life will yield results that are absolutely astonishing. It works for me, Try it, I am sure it will work for you too…

If you liked this article then you would also find the LOA System useful as it is a scientific system designed to take people into the manifesting fast lane through tapping into the power of The Law of Attraction. To find out more, visit The LOA System website at The Law of Attraction System.

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