A Day of Proof

In Memory of Drue!

Many of us have a day where we can stand and say without a shadow of a doubt that there is an energy at work far greater than anything that we can imagine. Perhaps your day is the 10 year marking aka anniversary of the car accident that under any comprehensible understanding was supposed to have taken your life. Maybe your day is the anniversary of 1o years clean and sober. Could it be that your day of remembrance was the start of a brand new job after several years of unemployment and piles upon piles of rejection letters. Whatever the circumstances may be of your particular situation the fact is that, You made it. You are still here, on this earth, breathing and going about the business of living what is known as your life. Many people have this “Back from the brink”, “Over the cliff time”, in our lives. March 28th is this time for me. Around dusk on that day a few years back was a pivotal moment of which i thought there would be no recovering. Yet here I am, regrouped and here you are after the storms of your life. What have you learned? Have you shared your experience with anyone of whom it could benefit?

What i have learned is that this energy that can mend the broken and regroup even the most desperate is exact in its dealings with us. It is love some people say but I say, it is just and it is timely and it is the forever current in our lives that exerts itself if we remember to continue to breath. May light find the one of whom i spoke to yesterday. As I write these words, this person is in the midst of struggle. Continue to breathe my friend. Everyday is new with holistic exactness we are always provided for.

Be Well,


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