Two Secrets to Become “Lucky”

Is it Luck or Something else?
Personal Development

Emailed to me By Linda Silva

“I’ve been to so many lucky draws, and I’ve NEVER won anything”.

Though it happened some years ago, I can still vividly recall those
words my friend Sarah muttered as she stomped over to her car
after a charity dinner.

Carrying the 15″ Macbook Pro laptop that I had just won, she spun
around on her heels and snapped at me, “”How come you’re
always so lucky?

Well, I was about to tell her how easy it really is, but she was
more determined to just believe she was born unlucky.

“Well, I guess you either have it or you don’t“, was the last thing
I heard from her that night as she got into her car.

Needless to say, she didn’t hear what I had to say about the two
key secrets to become “lucky”
– secrets that you will learn in this lesson.

Listen carefully cause here’s the clincher:

“Luck” is the conscious “shaping” of your reality. It is possible to
create “lucky coincidences” for yourself… and magically everything just starts falling into place for you.

It’s not about either having it or not. It’s about either being trained for
it – or sitting on the sidelines and watching others reap the rewards.Personal Development

I want to know what you think. Is there a such thing as luck or is something greater at work? Leave a comment.

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One thought on “Two Secrets to Become “Lucky”

  1. I would love to get some big luck. I get small and large lucks and blessings from God and other people, but never thought of being in some amount of control over such things. This will become a project!

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