Do Opposites Really Attract?

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The phrase opposites attract is spoken so casually and is so common that on the surface we accept it for face value. The lure of this concept is logged within our collective repertoire of phrases. Often the meaning is applied to courtships and romantic involvements as a way to substantiate or refute the linkage between two people. A perfect example is the couple who have been married for several years and as far as anyone can tell, they are complete opposites – like night and day. She is always pleasant towards others and never short of kind remarks when showing the brighter side of a situation. Her husband on the other hand, is not unlike the Sesame Street character Oscar the Grouch. After an evening spent in their home you find yourself wondering, What in the world does brought those two together? On the surface, the pair could not be more different and it is baffling for their friends and family who often discuss -in secret- the magic crazy glue which holds them together. Unable to find an answer you simply shake your head while mentally reciting the mantra, I guess opposites really do attract.

If we look to science about the claim that opposite pairs attract your research would prove an affirmative NO. Quite explicitly, science has demonstrated that like attracts like and that opposite pairs actually repel. So what is really going on in the case of the angelic wife and Oscar the Grouch? Perhaps there are exceptions to the rule requiring scientists, metaphysicians and theorist to go back into the lab and investigate the variables once more. If you are thinking, Uh huh probably so, take a quick pause, breathe, and then continue reading.

The make-up of a human being is more complex than simply the outwardly expressions that we are able to see. To be human is to be physical that is having a body and the ability to use the parts of the body in expression. As human beings, we use our physicality for expression as well as for general functioning purposes. These sorts of usage are the things that are easily seen, heard, and/or felt. This is the sensory concept of who we are as humans. Beyond the sensory aspect, other aspects also operate within every person. I will call these other operating factors the inner aspects of being human. These aspects add to who we are as human beings and are present although not as easily recognized as our outwardly expressions. These inner aspects of the human are our emotional bodies, mental bodies, spiritual endowments, and karmic liabilities. The human body is inclusive of one’s sensory aspects as well as one’s inner aspects. It is this complete joining of ourselves that is misunderstood and/or unrecognized by many people lending to the belief that opposites attract and with our words, we reinforce the notion. So, the next time you find yourself wondering about the bond between two seemingly different people or when you ask yourself, Why do these losers keep approaching me or any of the like remember to nudge yourself and investigate the lesson that the universe is attempting to teach you. Look within at the deeper complexities of yourself with reverence and acceptance knowing that you attract that of which you are.

Personal Development Website

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