What is Reiki and Energy Healing?

Reiki Therapy: Q&A
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Is Reiki a spiritual type of healing?

For me spirit is in all things therefore I don’t refer to my Reiki practice as specifically a spiritual thing. My life’s work is that of a teacher and counselor and Reiki is just another tool in my toolbox that I use from time to time to help clients.

What type of person can give Reiki therapy? Receive Reiki treatment?

All people can receive and give Reiki healing energy. Reiki is not reserved for a “special” population rather it can be used by anyone to treat anyone having any condition. As soon as someone receives their attunement they have the ability to do Reiki.

Can Reiki be a chosen form of treatment for medical conditions?

Sure it can as long as a person is utilizing Reiki as a complementary form of treatment. There should not be a case where a practitioner says, “Stop receiving western medicine and rely solely on Reiki”. To say such a thing is unethical and does not make good sense. Disease and sickness occurs on many levels and Reiki can assist in the healing on an energetic level. Remember a thing exists long before you are able to see such a thing and healing works in this way as well. When disease presents itself in a physical way there is certainty in knowing that other symptoms are present as well. It is my opinion that healing and treating patients having sickness, should be multi-faceted so that there are many persons specialized in their field providing care for the ailing person.

What religious or spiritual affiliation does Reiki have?

Reiki is a spiritual practice but so is walking and talking. Like I said earlier, there is spirit in all things and Reiki is not an exception. With that being said, Reiki practitioners are not of a certain faith. When I received my attunements for Reiki so that I can become a practitioner, I did not convert to any particular faith. My faith is my own and is not a part of the Reiki energy work. Facilitating healing energy through Reiki is independent of any one person’s particular faith making it a practical complementary form of treatment for everyone.

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

I would say it feels different for many people. Some people feel refreshed after a treatment while others feel more relaxed. Both my husband and I received our attunements together and have received treatment sessions together. After one sessions, I felt completely relaxed and fully alert simultaneously while my husband reported having felt nothing at all.

Can a Reiki practitioner treat the self?

Absolutely. I remember using Reiki energy during a long sleepless night when I was having a severe toothache. Reiki was all that I had and I used it. After seeing the dentist, I continued to use Reiki to effect a complete healing.

Can nurses or massage therapist receive CEU credit for Reiki courses?

That depends on the state you live in. In most states, credit is approved for Reiki classes.

Is Reiki therapy the same as Massage therapy?

Nope it is not. Sometimes the relaxed feelings one gets after a massage is also received after a Reiki treatment but the two are different. In most cases, Reiki practitioners do not actually touch clients.

What to do if you feel uncomfortable about receiving a Reiki therapy.

Generally, I am a very forward person so my first response is, Don’t do it. There is not a reason in the world to do something that you are uncomfortable with. The counselor in me would probe a little more and assist you in discovering your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about Reiki. Taking for granted that the skeptical person has been introduced to Reiki, possible as a treatment, my intuitive nature and again my counseling side would want to explore any hesitations. Is there a rigidness present? Is this rigid presence apparent in other aspects of your life? How is such rigidness helping or hurting you? In sum, the decision to experience or not experience a particular therapy be it Reiki, chemotherapy, or any other treatment is a personal choice. Only you know what is truly best for you.

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