How to Find Balance in our Lives.

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I remember once when I was a teen-ager my mother had come into my room to tell me something. I had just gotten out of the shower and was busy towel patting my skin and preparing to apply lotion all over my body. In my mind, I can still see my bed covered with moisturizer creams and silky liquid concoctions in spray bottles – each adorned with block lettered labels. You see I had an after bath ritual that I maintained . I do not know exactly how or when it began. I never thought much of it until the day my mother stuck her head in my bedroom door that it occurred to me that my little ritual was not something that everybody had. “Wow you really do take a lot of time to put lotion on,” mother said in a voice that showed delight and amusement at the same time. Did she think my little pampering session was crazy? Or worse than that, Did she thing I was crazy for putting on lotion, I wondered to myself. Quickly I dismissed her from my space using the tone that many teenagers use when they feel their parents just don’t understand. Who doesn’t take the time to put on lotion I remember thinking at the time. Fast forward 25 years, four children later, and I think I have found the answer to my question. Now it seems that a bath before noon is an extremely lucky day for me, and if I get the chance to lotion myself before putting dressing, then the luxury Gods are really blessing me for the day. I use the term luxury because in the fast pace world in which we live sometimes taking time to do the simplest of things for yourself can seem like a luxury. It seems there is a constant pressure driving our attention away from our inner selves. As a result, we end up feeling depleted and devalued. The depletion occurs because we are always giving and doing and not being and experiencing. When we begin to bring balance into our lives, we begin to realize the importance of self-care. We begin to accept the fact that when we honor our bodies we honor our spirit. It is a disservice to ourselves as incarnate beings to neglect our bodies for the sake of spirituality for the two are connected for as long as we inhabit a physical form. Remembering to take the time to give equal attention to your inner life as you do to the external life is how we stay grounded. In creating a balanced life remember to honor yourself in whatever small way that you can. Self-massage, scented candles, reciting positive affirmations and routine exercise are just a few hints to get you started. Keep the mental juices flowing by reading pleasurable literature, doing crossword puzzles or journaling your thoughts and ideas. Become creative in the designing of your self-care rituals. The key is not necessarily, what you do but that you do in a way that honors your uniqueness.

Martha D.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like support in creating a personal plan to achieve more balance and joy in your life.


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