Ms. Whitney Houston: A Human Having A Human Experience

Ms. Whitney Houston was one the best singers that we have heard in our lifetime. Her transition was felt across the globe in the hearts of so many people. Her impact on the world can not be underestimated. Her life is a testament to what it means to be human; having gifts and talents that are uniquely one’s own as well as the trials and struggles which are also a part of the human experience.

So many of her songs are captured within the collective psyche as reminders of our own lives at different points in time. “I Will Always Love You”, in particular is a song that has the potential to bring me to tears when I hear it because it reminds me of a cold, autumn night when I lived in the Washington, D.C. area. I was nearly six months pregnant, in the car with my husband and had no certainty if the child I was to soon deliver would be born alive or not. On that night, as her voice bellowed through the car, the lyrics to that song became forever etched in my mind and body. It was such a profoundly personal moment that even now, fifteen years later, I can still recall the feelings and emotions from that experience when I happen to hear the song. I am certain that I am not alone in having had a song affect me in this way, which is why it is often said that music is spiritual and presents as the soundtrack to our lives. What I am reminded of as I accept the reality of Ms. Houston’s transition is the uncertainty in life. That we should live a long life is a simple wish and is not an earthly promise. That we will each exhale a final time and proceed to whatever is after this life is the only certainty that is offered. Putting off things that can be done today until some other day or constantly courting feelings of sadness, anger or anxiety to our own detriment, are not useful ways of being or thoughts to have during our lives. When we experience each moment with full expression and when we welcome each new day as an opportunity to live your greatest life then life itself is honored as the gift that it is.

By doing so your spirit is strengthened, your consciousness is raised and in this small but large way we send positive energy into the world because remember we are all connected. The separation between ourselves and others is an illusion. If this was not the case would you, who probably have never met Ms. Houston, be affected by her passing? To awaken each day with the zest of a toddler, optimistic and eager benefits the entire human race. With just trying to begin, each day in this way would be a noble start to act upon the things which are within your means to control.

At this time, I pray that her journey on is safe, that her family be enveloped in light, in peace, in comfort and in love and that her daughter be guided by the great Force.

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