Rate yourself.
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Use the following 10 questions to rate your self-efficacy skills. Remember there are no right or wrong answers in this questionnaire. Your answers indicate your personal feelings and experiences. Answer Yes/No to each question.

  1. In the past when I have come across the name of an old friend on Facebook I usually request to be friends.
  2. In the past when I have come across the name of an old friend on Facebook I usually wait for their request to be friends.
  3. When I have a new task to accomplish, I get right to work on it.
  4. I can easily joke about past mistakes.
  5. You have trouble listing accomplishments that you have made in your adult life.
  6. You seek new friendships easily without fear of rejection.
  7. Your past struggles are embarrassing so you would rather not discuss them with others.
  8. You are timid when beginning a new task at work because you feel that you might not be able to complete the assignment.
  9. You would describe your closest friends as successful, go-getters, and/or achievers?
  10. It is easy for you to mingle with people more accomplished than yourself.

Answer Keys:

  1. yes (1 pt.) no (0 pt.)
  2. yes (0 pt.) no (1 pt.)
  3. yes (1 pt.) no (0 pt.)
  4. yes (1 pt.) no (0 pt.)
  5. yes (0 pt.) no (1 pt.)
  6. yes (1 pt.) no (0 pt.)
  7. yes (0 pt.) no (1 pt.)
  8. yes (0 pt.) no (1 pt.)
  9. yes (1 pt.) no (0 pt.)
  10. yes (1 pt.) no (0 pt.)


0-3 Low self-efficacy, Needs Work

4-5 Self-efficacy is okay, Can Improve

6-10 High Self-efficacy, Good for You

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