5 Ways Energy Medicine Can Help You

Author: Deborah King

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Energy medicine can:

1. Clear out old toxic emotions. For example, maybe you’ve blocked your feelings of grief and/or anger over the end of an important relationship-whether through divorce, betrayal, or death-and thus closed off your heart center. Some years later you might develop problems with high blood pressure. There are shamanic techniques to clear out the emotions you’ve buried deep inside that may be affecting your health and happiness.

2. Keep your chakras humming along in good health. By releasing blockages in your energy centers, or chakras (there are seven main chakras and over 20 minor ones), energy medicine can get the chakras spinning in the right direction, and suggest certain practices and self-help tools that will let you release stress and keep you in balance.

3. Wash away “slime”-the low-level negative energy others have dumped on you that makes you feel sad, tired, or plain old miserable for no obvious reason.

4. Protect you from energy vampires, drama queens, or needy friends and relatives, and teach you to retrieve your own energy back from them, restoring your vitality.

5. Complement medical treatments. Once a distorted energy has manifested in the physical body, you need everyone on board in order to get well. Energy medicine can help medication, surgeries, and other procedures do their job even better and minimize the side effects, as well as reduce stress and facilitate a faster recovery. It helps reach the root cause of the illness, while the conventional medical practices are working on the physical treatment of the disease and its symptoms. Full Article

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