Aromatherapy – Smell Your Way to a Greater Life

What is Aromatherapy?
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  • Have you ever walked into someone?s home and was immediately hit by the scent of cookies baking in the oven? What about the guy at work who smells so nice his scent lingers in your mind long after he has left your office? What happens in both of these instances is a definite brain reaction that is triggered by the cookies baking in the oven or the guy?s (let us call him sexy) the sexy guy?s cologne at the office. It involves the sense of smell and essentially that is what aromatherapy is all about. It is a mood altering power of the scent.

Personal Story

  • About four years ago, I had a grand opening for my specialty gift shop. A large part of my business was selling essential oils, fragrance oils, incense, sage and other aromatherapy type products. I will never forget my grand opening and my father?s concern about my new business venture. After the toasting of champagne and a mini tour of the different sections of the store my father said quite loudly, ?Do you really think people will buy any of this stuff?? I cannot remember how I answered my father?s question. Essential oils, organic soaps, scented candles had each been products that I had used for years, and having put a good proportion of my savings into my new business I surely hoped that other people ?many other people appreciated the benefits of aromatherapy as much as I did. After a few weeks in business and to my appreciation I soon learned that not only did customers appreciate holistic care products but that they were far more knowledgeable about the products that I sold than even I was. During my first year in business, in addition to creating solid customer base, I also increased my knowledge about not only essential oils and aromatherapy but also about gems/crystals, herbs, color charts, organic body care and a lot of other related disciplines. So the answer to my father?s question proved to be a formative YES. People will not only buy this stuff but they will also stand by the products like you wouldn?t believe.

Common Essential Oils

  1. Tea Tree. Anti bacterial and anti fungus, powerful disinfectant, yeast, insect bites, pimples, acne
  2. Lavender. Balancing, calming, deodorant, fatigue, anxiety, stress, panic attack
  3. Peppermint. Refreshing, mental stimulant, increases concentration, bad breath, nausea/vomiting
  4. Rosemary. Backache, fatigue, muscle cramps and pain, stress
  5. Lemongrass. Repels insects, oily hair, oily skin




Essential Oils as Medicine

  • In addition to understanding that essential oils are used as aromatherapy it should also be understood that essential oils have a medicinal component. In fact, viewing essential oils as medicine is not far from the truth. It actually is THE truth. Many conditions can be treated using aromatherapy as a complimentary form of therapy.
  1. Depression: Bergamot, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine
  2. Panic Attacks: Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium
  3. Cold Sores: Tea tree, Rose, Bergamont
  4. Drowsiness: Rosemary and Basil
  5. Colds/ Bronchitis: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Pine, Peppermint
  6. Bruises: Hyssop, Lavender
  7. Anger: Rose


My Personal Favorite Essential oils

  1. Tea Tree For small cuts and scrapes my children may get.
  2. Lavender To help put my babies in a restful mood at night. (and me too).
  3. Peppermint As a main ingredient in my hair wash routine. Also massage my feet.
  4. Lemongrass Love to clean up to the scent of lemongrass. It is also good to wear during summer to keep mosquitoes away.
  5. Frankincense I love the smell. It reminds me of a Catholic church. I use it in my prayer room & sometimes during meditation.
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One thought on “Aromatherapy – Smell Your Way to a Greater Life

  1. Aromatherapy – Sandalwood Important Oil,Did you know that the vital oil of Sandalwood is considered an aphrodisiac? On top of that, it is useful for meditation and the greatest quality oil still comes from India. Its aroma lingers and gets better the longer it stays on the skin. The trees are nearly extinct now and only used for aromatherapy purposes.

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