Holistic Medical Care & Nothing Else

A few days ago, I came across a blog post that began with:

If you’re a patient who has incorporated complementary and alternative medicine into your health care regimen, you may have bumped up against some resistance on both sides of the healing fence. Your doctor may think your homeopath is a total quack selling snake oil, and your homeopath may think your doctor is a big thug, thwacking his pharmaceutical hammer at anything that moves.

These first few sentences really touched my heart in a most profound way because managing to achieve a mutually respectful and collaborative relationship with medical doctors was a battle that I fought for several years while parenting my first born son who was diagnosed before birth with a chronic illness. The post was written by Lissa Rankin, a medical doctor, healer and from what I can tell a true light of love. The article was appropriately titled The Healing Round Table. The name in itself struck a chord with me because although I had not known of many healing modalities besides the standard medical approach throughout the years in caring for my child I began to read about other ways to heal. And through my reading I learned of herbalist, acupuncture, reiki, metaphysical healing etc.. It was an opening in my heart that would shape my life in so many ways. There were so many times that my husband and I would sit and ponder how beneficial it would be to have my son’s doctors collaborate with other healers in the planning of his care. We were both young at the time and never directly addressed the issue because there was always a certain aire that came along with the doctors which told us in no certain terms that to initiate such a discussion would disrupt the hierarchy in the system. This feeling is sort of described in the section of Lissa’s post which reads:

Many doctors lord themselves over other health care providers as if they’re the gods and everyone else should bow at their golden feet.

Advocate Services
Our Work with Families includes the following
  1. Talk Sessions To support the family emotionally through empathetic understanding and solutions to aid in wellness for the family.
  2. Mediator & Advocate To bridge the gap between medical care and families concerns. To enhance patient/doctor collaboration and communication.
  3. Referral Services to supportive organizations such as professional counseling, support groups, attorneys, complimentary medical care professionals.
If you know someone who has a chronically ill child and could benefit from our consultant services, don’t wait to send us an email, Do So Now!!! email.
Please read Lissa’s full article here: http://www.blogher.com/healing-round-table
Another informative article may be found At Kathleen Garolsky’s Health & Wellness Site
Stay Free & Be Well!
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