Reiki Energy Therapy

Several years ago, almost 12 years to be exact, is when I first heard the word Reiki. Mystical it seemed at the time, I was intrigued because it was written along with words such as Healing & Energyand I found myself wanting to learn as much about this Reiki stuff as I possibly could. During this time in my life I was undergoing a spiritual transformation where I was seeking a deeper understanding about myself and the world. Interesting was the length of time between first hearing the word Reiki and actually becoming involved in Reiki; as first a client and then a practitioner was long indeed. Because my beliefs and thought accept the notions of All things in due time & When the student is ready the teacher will appear I did not rush in search of quenching my thirst of knowledge about this method of healing I was ready when the moment finally presented itself.
What exactly is Reiki?

This is something I continued to ask myself even as the woman who was to become my teacher (Nut Amunet Fowler) greeted me during that very first meeting. What I surprisingly learned was how uncomplicated Reiki actually is. The mysticism that I’d supposed 12 years earlier was based on my lack of understanding and was also present due to the American cultural upbringing where health and wellness is carried out by physicians, medical procedures and of course medication regimens. As I began listening to Nut, one of the first things that she taught about this complimentary form of healing was a basic principle of Reiki which is To Do No Harm. Huh, sounds like the principles that medical doctors subscribe to under the Hippocratic Oath, I remember thinking. Learning that Reiki is a natural system of energy healing, that anyone can learn to use Reiki energy for healing, and that it effects change on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels removed the last layer of lingering mysticism that may have been present in my consciousness.
How can Reiki help?
Reiki works to rid the body of energetic toxins, and has the ability to reduce stress, and creates balance within the body systems. The work of the practitioner can be done in the home, office or just about anywhere. Also important to note is that Reiki works long distance so to speak allowing for distant healing sessions. What was most useful for me was how Reiki can be used for emotional and mental blocks to aid me in assisting my clients due to the nature of my work. In working with clients who are in the throes of addiction, attempting to overcome traumatic experiences from childhood or persons who simply want to start living a better life minus the depression and negative thinking patterns Reiki offers many benefits. Often I have had a person seated before me who desperately wanted change and was working hard to overcome their circumstances but for unseen reasons were constantly being drawn back into the energy spaces that did not support their goals. For these clients simply facilitating change under the counseling and/or life coaching umbrella didn’t seem to be enough. For those clients who agreed to Reiki sessions to complement the therapeutic or coaching process, greater benefits were seen.
The conditions where Reiki is beneficial as a complimentary form of treatment is many. Some examples are listed below.
~Stress/ Relaxation/ Anxiety
~Death/ Bereavement
~Self Esteem
~Spiritual Growth
~Physical Ailments
*****If you are interested in Reiki Sessions please contact me at 404-590-1093 or by email (
*****Please note Reiki is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment, nor are diagnosis done by Reiki practitioners. Rather it is a complimentary form of treatment
Stay Free & Be Well

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