Magnetic Visualization

Magnetic Visualization

An interesting article about Magnetic Visualization of prosperity explained the process as being a spiritual act where one uses mental imagery to draw to one’s self those things that mean prosperity. It explains the importance of being in touch with your feelings during the process and experiencing the process in a manner that aligns you with the that which you want. Quoting from the article it says, “Begin to see the waterfall of abundance flowing over yourself and your family, friends, and community.”

While the article explains the process as being a spiritual concept requiring practice to achieve the desired results, I would say that the skill is not so much a new thing which needs to be learned rather it is a thing that we do without realizing that we are doing it. I would also say that it is something we need to become more conscious of because when practiced below our level of conscious awareness it has the potential to destroy the very goals that we are trying to accomplish. What do I mean by this? Well, look at it like a form of meditation. Not the “clear your mind of all thought” type of meditation but the focus, ask and wait form of meditation which is similar to prayer. When I explain it to be a skill that we are already using yet may not be aware of I am talking about what is commonly known as WORRY. Yes I said worry.

Worry is Meditation

Once in a group session I was explaining the process of meditation to a client who was struggling with fear and anxiety. While his desires to work from a space of positive emotion and positive self-regard it was apparent that he often had difficulty which lead him down the imbalanced road of thinking, “I can. I can”, followed by, “Uh I’m not sure that I can.” So, during a particular session I spoke about meditation ands immediately this client declared that he could not meditate, tat he’d tried but that he could not keep his mind still. Gently I confronted the client and stating, “Yes you can”. Anyone who can worry can meditate I explained to him. The faces in the room had an exaggerated expression like, “What in the world is this woman talking about?’ I explained that to focus on the negative aspect of our lives to an extended degree was worry. And by doing so, we are meditating on the negative side of a situation. Over and over we ask, How am I going to get this bill paid? Why are none of the employers calling me back? Oh I hate to deal with my crazy boss? Over and over we focus our attention on things which are negative and by doing so we bring that energy into our worlds.

Moving Forward

What are those things that matter most to you? What expectations have you set for yourself? Which thoughts permeate your day-to-day mind? Awareness of thought is important for our emotional, mental and spiritual health. A huge part of achievement is believing you can meet the expectation you set for yourself, followed by the work you put in.

Stay tuned for tips to improve mental awareness.

Stay Free & Be Well!


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