See It. Believe It.

Seeing is Believing. Is it?

I read a piece last week by someone who in my opinion is a great teacher Caroline Shola Arewa. Caroline Shola wrote something that was a great reminder for me and it said, “Believing is seeing”. Sounds backwards right? Well not really. To desire, to want, and to create a space in your life to attain – you must actually believe in the possibility or rather the reality of it. From that first beginning you start to act, feel, and visualize that it is so. This concept is not new. It is what’s talked about in The Secret, Jim Carey sat on Oprah;s coach and talked about his experience with believing is seeing, it was portrayed in the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and has most likely been a apart of your personal reality without your complete awareness that it occurred. So with that been said, go ahead and create that thing or goal or whatever it is that you desire with belief that it is as it is already. A tool to help you is create your own vision board. Go ahead get started!

Last week, the mood and activity was Letting Go. Letting go of the clutter to be exact. This week the idea is Vision. Have you thought of how you want your new year to be? What goals you want to accomplish? Relationships that need mending or ending?

Maybe you have a big purchase you want to make in the new year? Whatever your thoughts are about what it is you seek in 2012, NOW is the time to start believing.

Stay Free & Be Well,


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